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Importance Of Regenerative Medicine In Health Care

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Imagine a world where no one dies of CANCER or HEART ATTACK, where sick people are provided with affordable cures and treatments, or where a person does not die due to the unavailability of suitable blood or organ donor. Is such a world possible?

As the human race is moving towards advancement the number of diseases and disorders are also on increase. To fight against these problems many new health care field have emerged since the past half-decade. Most promising of those fields is the Regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine is a multidisciplinary field concerned with creating living, functional tissues to repair or replace tissue or organ function lost due to age, disease, or ...view middle of the document...

Regenerative medicine is developing rapidly. Its current market potential is of $500 billion and is increasing (Flanagan). Considering the urgent need for remedies to deadly illnesses, Regenerative Medicine is here on the rescue, and inevitably it will be the future of medicine. There are three main features of Regenerative medicine which make it so significant for use in health care; the ability to effectively treat different incurable diseases using individuals own stem cells, the ability to provide ultimate source of lab grown organs for transplant made from individual’s own body cells and the provision of fairly cheaper therapies compared to traditional therapies. However with all its abilities and possibilities, Regenerative medicine is facing many challenges which are proving to be hurdles in its successful development. The main challenges being; First the lack of knowledge about complete working of stem cells which means researchers cannot be sure that would the stem cells be beneficial or harmful, and so there comes in possibilities that sometimes stem cells used for treatment may develop into cancer cells or they may be rejected by patient’s immune system once inside the patient’s body both of which are not the intended effects. Second the lack of attention by governments of most countries and by large pharmaceutical companies which, if they want, can provide a platform for fast development of this ‘Future Medicine’.

Illnesses like Leukemia, Diabetes and Parkinson’s disease have no proper cure. Although there are treatments which provide a temporary relieve from the symptoms with considerable side effects. The chemotherapy and radiotherapy used to treat Leukemia has awful side effects like baldness, weakness and infertility (Physical Side Effects). Even with all these treatments the individual cannot be declared Leukemia cells free. In many cases this cancer again starts to grow and the statistics suggest that 97% of the time chemotherapy fails kill the Leukemia cells (Martino). On the other hand Parkinson’s disease is treated by giving medicine which produces a chemical which is no longer produced by the bodies due to destruction of nerve cells which produced them. These chemicals are important in normal body movement and functioning. Even with these treatments the disease does not slow down and the damage done to nerve cells does not reverse (Robson). Diabetes treatement is done by Islet transplants. The problem with this is that the person has to take immunosuppresent drugs throught out his/her life to prevent the new Islet being rejected by the body. These immunosuppresents pose more serious risks, than the those posed by the treatement of Luekemia and Parkinsons disease, like development of certain cancers and severe infections (Diabetes Organization UK). Moreover the Islet transplant is not effective in long run and soon the diabetic individual needs Insulin shots. This all clearly shows that these treatments are not very...

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