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Importance Of Rules Essay

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"My wife and kids" is a television sitcom. James Widdoes directed one of its episodes called "No Rules" that was written by Dean Lorey ().Damon Wayans, George Gore II, Jennifer Freeman and Parker McKenna Posey were the actors in the episode. In "No Rules" the children accused their father for being very strict and cruel so the father decided to challenge them if they can survive a complete week without rules. If they survived the whole week, there won't be rules in the house anymore. On the other hand, if they didn't survive, then they should go hug their father and tell him "you are the best father in the whole world". Although the children argued that they don't need any rules at home, they all went and apologized for their father. The kids couldn't survive the whole week without rules because rules are extremely important at home.
The kids claim that they don't need any rules because they are independent. However, this claim is not valid for many reasons. Firstly, being independent doesn't contradict with the fact they need rules. Linda Milo who is a parent child connection coach believes that house rules should be obeyed by every member of the family even the independent ones because it allows the whole family to have equal rights. Secondly, the kids claim fails to consider that they are not totally independent. In the episode there were few examples of how dependent the kids are , for instance Claire who is the old daughter depends on her father to wake her up in the morning instead of setting the alarm to wake her self up. Another example is, that the kids depend on their parents to cook for them and when the father in the episode refused to cook, his son told him that he will eat the chicken raw. Carl Pickhardt who is a psychologist in private counseling and public lecturing practice in Austin, Texas argues that as long as the children depend on their parents to take care of them, they should live under their parents' terms and these terms include following the rules in order to live responsibly.The kids should follow their parents rules because they are dependent and everyone nows his rights and duties.
The kids argue that they need their freedom and they don't want anyone to tell them what to do. Although I agree that freedom seems good and everyone wants his freedom, its consequences may not be very pleasant. Micheal who is the father in the episode believes that one of the main reasons rules are set is to protect the children from themselves. There are many examples that we see in our lives where the children misuse their freedom, for instance, when a child wants to smoke cigarettes. In this case if there are no rules to ban the child from smoking he will harm his health. LLyod Campbell who is an associate professor of secondary education in North Texas State University argues that freedom is not a bad thing but young people don't have enough experience to use it in the right way like adults and the role of the parents is to set...

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