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Everyday life involves technology. Everyday life is no longer simple. If one is not tech savvy, he or she may struggle to make his or her way through the day. In recent times technology has reached a new level of advancements and is taking over everywhere, including the classroom. Which is why San Angelo schools should incorporate more into elementary classrooms. Technology is used for basic actions but can also make activities easier for students. Research shows when technology is integrated into the classroom students can benefit a great deal. Technology should be integrated in the SAISD classroom for daily use.
One problem that is faced by the teachers is that they do not know how to use the technology available to them and they are afraid. For example, in “One teachers odyssey through resistance and fear,” Mary, a social studies teacher discusses her fear and "she frequently voiced her concerns over her disinterest and inability to learn and use technology, punctuating her comments with stories of previous attempts that ended as dismal failures” (as cited in McNierney, 2004, p.66-85). This proves that teachers avoid teaching with technology because they are afraid they do not know how to use it properly. Mary does not want to use computers in her classroom because she does not know how to use it. She also fears her tech-savvy students know more than she does and they would not benefit from her using computers in her classroom. Mary stated, “The most challenging [roadblock] is not teaching keyboard skills or importing image but overcoming an emotional resistance” (as cited in McNierney, 2004, p.66-85). She began working with another teacher on learning basic skills to help her integrate technology in her classroom. Mary set goals and she wanted to create a presentation for her social studies class using a new program. Using the program would be beneficial to her students because it would appeal to different learning styles such as visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.
With all these problems that have been proposed in the paragraph above it seems difficult for teachers to be able to adapt to the great advancements in technology. What many do not realize is that with the help of a strong school board and other fellow teachers who are younger/ more technological efficient in the areas that are being taught can be relayed and taught to the older generation of teachers to help the youth of this current generation. The best way to better prepare teachers is to require workshops because “Multimedia digital technology, computers, and all that goes with them have exploded in terms of need and opportunity concerning K-12 schools throughout the United States. National and state level educational organizations have made recommendations or laws pertaining to the skills teachers should have in the area of technology and its integration across the curriculum” (Rogers, R., & Wallace, J. 2011, p.28-61). Many in the field of education do not tend to realize...

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