Importance Of Understanding Employment Relations As A Manager.

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1. IntroductionEmployment relationship is a new term that broadens the study of industrial relationships, referring to the formal and informal interrelationships between managers and workers. As shown by figure 1, there are different perspectives involved, which will inherently provide ample scope for conflicts to arise.The basis of the employment relationship is one of divergent interests; therefore conflict is inevitable at the workplace. In the process of obtaining the desired values, one party may attempt to neutralize it's oppositions. Nevertheless, there can also be substantial amount of common interests, which can be turned to mutual advantage.2. CommunicationCommunication is a two-way process allowing for a mutual interchange of ideas, feelings and opinions. Thus provisions should be made for upwards as well as downward communication. Communication is very important as it keeps employees informed about general matters affecting their work-role. It increases the understanding of management's actions, reduces misunderstanding arising from daily activity and improves trust between employers and employees.Written methods are ideal as it is less liable to misinterpretation by providing detailed visible information. It includes newssheets, discussion documents, and leaflets in pay packets, posters and booklets. The employee's handbook is a particular important mean, as it contains useful information about conditions of employment, rules and procedures.Oral methods are best for communicating about views and exchanges, which may arouse strong feelings or anxieties. Work-team briefing groups, meetings or quality circles are very useful means.Trade unions are regarded as an essential part of the communication process, by legitimizing management's decisions in the employee's mentality. As an alternative to dealing with individual employee or set up communication systems, trade unions can be useful in issues relating to pay bargaining and grievance handling.3. Joint decision-making"The practice in which employees take part in management decisions and it is based on the assumption of a community of interest between employer and employee in furthering the long term prospects of the enterprise and those working in it."This refers to the participation of non-managerial employees in the decision-making processes. The primary purpose was to strengthen competitive powers, and stimulate employee commitment by extending the worker's influence in task-oriented issues.Large organizations will have long-term objectives and may priorities growth or sales rather than profits. Thus it will have more leeway in the conduct of employment relationships, and are more likely to recognize unions and foster participation schemes. Clearly, firms that are maintaining growth and profitability in the face of intense competition in a depressed world market can only do so with full cooperation of their workforce. Thus these organizations will have an interest in employee...

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