Importance Of Your Biological Sex As A Determinant Of Your Gender Expression

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“How important is your biological sex as a determinant of your gender expression? Is gender a socially constructed performance”?

Throughout society, gender roles are often perceived to be typical male or female stereotypes. This can be seen through almost all television programs and often refers society expecting males to love cars, sports, drinking beer, be masculine and work in a type of trade. The same goes for women, society perceives women to love shopping, work in offices, nurture or care for children and love to express feelings. This essay will explore how gender roles are actually quite different than expressed through media, shown through sexuality, culture, workplace related issues and gender roles.


In society, gender norms regarding sexuality more commonly referred to as a male loving a female, and a female loving a man. Although this a Christian belief where any other type of love is looked down on, does gay love really impact your gender expression?
Gender roles:
Typically women are stay at home parents and are offered various compensation for this. Taking time off work to care for babies could impact lives of many families particularly those with low socioeconomic status. For this reason the government has implemented various schemes or strategies in order for parents to pay for necessities for themselves and their children. Such strategies include the parental leave pay which states the eligibility must be the primary care “often the considered the birth mother” (Department of human services 2013). However the Department of Human Services has also recently issued a new scheme for male parents, named the “Dad and Partner Pay” (Department of human services 2013). This scheme suggests that males are not the primary carer of their children. Before this scheme was introduced there was little leave available to males wanting to care for or bring up their own children. This was because caring for children was seen to be a female norm and doing otherwise resulted in de-masculinity. The female norm came to be because of female characteristics. Colemen J (2011) suggested that Females often show characteristics that represent kindness, for example nurturing, whereas males often show characteristics of a gatherer for the family, for example earning income to keep the family alive. In today’s society, stay at home dads are still a minority, however gender roles are beginning to change. Some women are more inclined to be working from 9 till 5 while their husbands or partners are staying at home caring for their child.

Our behavioural aspects also can impact our gender impression. Rape is often perceived as a outrageous act between a man forcing sexual intercourse upon a woman, however this is not always the case. As stated by the centre of disease control and prevention (2012) from 2004 to 2006 approximately 105,187 females and 6,2526 males reported being victims of sexual assault. However men are still a very...

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