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Important Cyber Monday Preparations To Do In Your Online Store

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Important Cyber Monday Preparations to do in your Online Store

E-commerce firms are gearing up for cyber Monday deals this year. The day falls in December 2 after the thanksgiving. However, most online traders usually start their Cyber Monday deals long before the actual period. Statistics have shown that about 75% of online shoppers usually start their shopping on the preceding day. In year 2012, Cyber Monday sales hit a whopping $1.7 billion up from $ 1.3 billion in year 2011. This was over 20% rise from sales in year 2010. In other interesting statistics, over 60% of online shoppers at this period will be under 40. There is thus little time to spare for e commerce manager. It is crucial to work on the tasks below before opening the store. Due to the holiday rush, more problems may result.
Task# 1 Hosting configuration test and store speed optimization
The server needs to be tested before the cyber Monday shopping rush. This is crucial as it helps managers check if the site can hold a high influx of traffic. It is important to work closely with website hosting company in this phase. Prior to testing, it is important to undertake database optimization. In addition, you need to make logs cleanup from file system, database, apache and mysql configuration, optimization and site speed optimization. (More information at
• Test your store speed with a service like fix the problems
• Moving your static content and images to a Content Distribution Network (CDN) will greatly reduce the server load during spikes in traffic – this is not a one day project but you may still have time left to set it up usingX-cart AmazonCDN module
• If your hosting configuration supports an upgrade: upsize your setup by temporary increasing the server(s) size and adding more servers behind the load balancer (if your hosting does not offer such option – upgrade hosting or contact
• Run a stress test to see if your setup will be able to handle expected spikes in traffic (professional stress testing services cost $2500-$5000 but for a quick test you can use a service like
• Ran PCI scan before the holiday rush and fix the urgent problems reported on that test.
• Setup store performance monitoring to be...

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