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Important Dates In America, A List

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1865- (Thirteenth amendment)
Officially abolished and continues to prohibit slavery to this day

1868- (fourteenth amendment)
States that all people born or naturalized in the U.S. are american citizens including african americans

1870- (fifteenth amendment)
Prohibits each government in the U.S. from denying a citizen the right to vote based on the citizens race, color, or previous condition of servitude

1896- (Plessy vs. Ferguson)
On June 7, 1892, 30-year-old Homer Plessy was jailed for sitting in the "White" car of the East Louisiana Railroad. Plessy could easily pass for white but under Louisiana law, he was considered black despite his light complexion and therefore required to sit ...view middle of the document...

The bus driver called the police and Rosa was arrested. African americans responded by holding a bus boycott that lasted for over a year.

1957-(Southern Christian Leadership Conference is founded)
The sclc was founded after the montgomery bus boycott on december 5, 1955.

1957-(Crisis at Central High School And The Little Rock Nine)
The little rock nine were the nine black students that were responsible for the desegregation of central high school. As the students walked up to the school they were turned away by the National Guard who were called by the governor Faubus.

1960-Greensboro Sit-ins-1960
Meanwhile in Greensboro North Carolina four african-american college students held a sit-in at segregated diner. They are denied service but they were allowed to sit at the counter. They were physically assaulted by white customers This event sparked many more non-violent protests in the south.

1960-(Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee founded)
This Organization was founded at Shaw University. Using this young black people found a place in the civil rights movement.Later this Org. becomes much bigger and instrumental in the CRM.

1960- (John F. Kennedy becomes president)
John f. kennedy became the youngest president in the united states ever. Kennedy narrowly beat former president Richard Nixon.

1961-(Freedom Riders)
College students began taking bus trips through the south to test laws that allowed segregation in interstate travel facilities. Freedom Riders were attacked by angry mobs along the way and even had a bus put on fire by the white mobs.

1962-(Integration of The University of Mississippi “James Meredith”)
At the University of Mississippi one brave student named James Meredith enrolls and becomes the first black...

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