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Important Events Of World War Ii

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The Second World War witnessed global events that impacted and changed the world, some for better others for worse. From the Holocaust to the attack on Pearl Harbor, the aftermath of World War II had devastating results. When one thinks of World War II, the first subjects that come to mind are the Holocaust, the Nazis and of course, Pearl Harbor. What people fail to realize is that there are more events that involved in the war that were just as significant as the latter, for instance, the Battle of the Bulge, the Blockade of Germany (1939–1945), also known as the Naval Blockade, and the Invasion of Poland under false pretenses, which resulted in the beginning of the war in Europe. Although, there are an abundance of consequences that resulted from World War II, I chose three consequences, that in my opinion, not only declared our involvement in the war, affected American citizens, but also resulted in the surrender of Japanese Forces which brought the war to a close was the attack on Pearl Harbor, Japanese American Internment, and the Hiroshima Bombing. These three events played a significant role in domestic as well as international affairs.
The first event that led to U.S involvement in the war, was the attack on Pearl Harbor. In the article, “Hallowed Ground... a date which will live in infamy; by Wade G. Dudley,
the author addresses the history of Japan's bombing of the Pearl Harbor, the American naval base in Oahu, Hawaii on December 7, 1941. According to the article, a Japanese midget submarine that was attempting to enter the Pearl Harbor was fired by the destroyer USS Ward and within the hour the first wave of 183 Japanese torpedo bombers, dive bombers and fighters swept over Oahu, bombing and strafing Kaneohe Bay and Ford Island Naval Air Stations and Hickam and Wheeler Army Air Fields and adding torpedoes to the mix in the anchorage at Pearl. “Within minutes the first of more than 2,400 American servicemen and civilians lay dead or dying. A second Japanese wave, the balance of the 353 planes committed to the raid, smashed
Ford Island, Bellows Field and other targets of opportunity missed by the first raiders” (Wade, 2012).
Japanese torpedoes and bombs destroyed the U.S. Pacific Fleet, including the 21 U.S Navy Ships that were sunk or damaged during the attack. The battleships Oklahoma, West Virginia, Tennessee, Maryland, California, Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Utah, and twelve others shared the same faith on that day, along with their crew members. Across the harbor many vessels suffered damages and more Americans died. “At 7:53 the skies over Pearl Harbor filled with the buzz of attacking aircraft...

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