Important Facts That You Should Know About E Cigarettes

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Electronic cigarettes are very popular nowadays. Many people claim that the device is a healthier alternative to tobacco. This could be the main reason for fame of e liquid cigarettes. However, there are minor things that contributes to their growing popularity. Here are some of them.
Lighters and Matches Are Not Required
If you are a tobacco smoker, then one of the worst things that could happen to you is forgetting your lighter or matches. You feel the urge to smoke and you have cigarettes, but cannot light them up. You will escape this scenario, if you are using electronic cigarettes.
When you try to puff on the mouthpiece, a sensor will send signals to the battery to heat up the e liquid nicotine and vaporize it. Since electronic cigarettes are battery-operated, you no longer need to bring a lighter or a match with you. However, you still need to bring a battery charger, so that you will be ...view middle of the document...

You will never be in this situation if you are smoking e-cigars. The law gives you the freedom to smoke electronic cigarette anywhere, since it does not produce secondhand smoke. Furthermore, the device does not release smoke at all. Instead, it produces a harmless vapor.
Ashtray Is Not Necessary
Searching for a misplaced ashtray is one of the most irritating things to do when you want to smoke in your home. You may smoke without one, but the ashes will fall to the floor, which may damage your expensive carpet. It would also require you to do some cleaning afterwards.
Switching to e liquid cigarettes will eliminate the necessity for ashtrays. E-cigars do not burn. Therefore, they cannot produce ashes. If there are no ashes, then there is no need for an ashtray.
It Is Reusable
Electronic cigarettes are reusable. Batteries are rechargeable and cartridges are refillable. When your e-cigar runs out of juice, you can simply buy a set of replacement cartridges. If you do not mind refilling the empty cartridges yourself, then a bottle of e liquid is better because it is cheaper.
It Is More Affordable
A starter kit is more expensive than a pack of tobacco cigarettes. However, you can still save money by switching to electronic cigarettes. How is that possible? You only need to buy a starter kit once. After that, you will only spend money on replacement cartridges, which are cheaper than a pack of tobacco cigarettes. Each cartridge is an equivalent of 20 sticks of regular cigarettes. A year’s worth of replacement cartridges only cost $600. A regular smoker that smokes a pack of cigarettes per day spends more than a thousand dollars each year.
More Flavors
Tobacco cigarettes have very few flavors available. On the other hand, electronic cigarettes come in a variety of flavors. The most common are coffee, mint, cherry, vanilla, and chocolate.
The minor benefits mentioned above have a huge contribution to the growing popularity of electronic cigarettes. If you are planning to switch to e-cigars, then do not hesitate. It is worth a try.

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