Important People Of The Civil War

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The most important people that were part of the Civil War was everyone, but the one that ran the show have a greater importance. Presidents and Generals were the decision makers and some of them are:

President Abraham Lincoln, a man from Illinois, was president from 1860 until 1865. The southern states decided to secede when Lincoln was inauguration, and so the Civil War started about a month later. He was a good military leader known for being a shrewd strategist and savvy during one of the worst wars to be on American land. One of his major goals was to end slavery and in 1863 the Emancipation Proclamation was issued, which freed all slaves in Proslavery states and gave the abolition of slavery a chance to begin. In that time he also gave one of the most famous speeches called “The Gettysburg Address.” Being well known and leader of a nation and siding with the Union meant you made enemies and the president was assassinated and didn’t get to see the end of the Civil War.

President Jefferson Davis, a Mexican war hero, was president from 1861 until 1865. He was the leader of the Confederacy and struggled to maintain the Southerners efforts in the war, keep their economy steady and have the nation be united. His actions and personality made it hard for the people around him to agree with him, like the politicians and military officers. He also didn’t get to see the end of the war but not because he was killed but because he was captured by the Union, imprisoned and was charged with treason and never tried.

Two important men from the North would be General Irvin McDowell and General George B. McClellan. General Irvin McDowell was first a military advisor to Governor Salmon P. Chase of Ohio and when Chase left to be the US Secretary of the Treasury, McDowell stayed in his position but for the new Governor, William Dennison. Later after many circumstances happened where Irvin wasn’t able to have a bigger role in the war, he got his chance when he...

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