Important Things A New Mother Should Know

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When the precious time of becoming a mother is getting closer and closer you have to be prepared for some major changes. Motherhood is a magic land, filled with warmth and constantly surrounded by love not lacking however in moments of doubt or desperation. Your patience will be tested and not only by the little wonder which is totally inofensive but by such called expert mothers who will always have something to add at any action you will want to develop or by the enormous range of baby books which are a total contradiction, afterall you know your family best. So before accepting the challenge, here's a useful universal list featuring some simple principles that a new mother should know.

Free your mind and the rest will follow. Start things with a clear mind, make sure everything is prepared for when you will return at your own nest. Don't let everything on daddy, it's better to prepare the nursery together before the little one comes. Starting things with a clear mind will definitely help you for the first weeks.

Moreover, a baby's evolution in first weeks is unbelievable that you will have to closely watch every move, every gesture, make links and connections between them to understand behaviours, as a little baby uses only the non verbal language to express his needs. A baby's behaviour when he's hungry is totally different from when he's sleepy and a stressed state of mind that won't be able to clear things out it's only making things worse, for both you and your baby.

Trust in your powers and don't let yourself down or punished if something goes wrong. You weren't born directly an expert and franquely no one did. Motherhood is just like everything else, you learn along the way with your baby, that's why the relationship mother-child is so special, you get to experience something new and exciting together with a small part of you. There will be repeated situations in which confusion will take...

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