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Important Values In America Essay

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Values are the cornerstone of a community’s morality. They are a set of norms and regulations that society expects its members to adhere to. A societies members share a common culture that is passed down thru the generations. Culture is dependent on a capacity for learning; the characteristics of every society change gradually over the generations thru the innovations introduced thru its community members. An emphasis on core values such as family, education, freedom and will improve the quality of life of a communities citizens.
Freedom was ranked as the most important value amongst my fellow American Society group 4 members. The overall consensus on freedom is that people have the right to choose. A comparison of the ideas the group had about freedom involved the right to be independent and have rights such as freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of religion, and access to information. Freedom was considered an opportunity to make decisions and to have the ability to choose ones path in life. One group member detailed that valuing freedom is valuing our country. Another member found that freedom affords choices specifically in the area of religious beliefs. An underlying factor of freedom was individualism and the right to be one’s own person. Freedom is a fundamental right for all Americans. It is important that a population is not only independent but also self-sufficient from state assistance programs. It is imperative that people have access to services and information in order for society’s members to be able to function. People are free to express themselves and are not constrained by controlling governments that are present in other countries. When a communities people know they’re rights and are free there is a sense of unity and wellbeing.
Family was ranked at the second most important value. After reassessing the group’s responses I surmise that family was ultimately the most important to all of us. Group members focused on the familial support system and placed a high value on its benefits. Responses included that family members will be there unconditionally, are supportive, and are a base of core values. An emphasis on family is a positive way of strengthening a community. Family is considered one of the most integral parts of a community as they help make society function. Though some may find that they are not spending enough time with their kids. According to in the study of “Education: Time R Spends with Child 1” it finds that 44% of people found that people spent too little time with their kids. While family is an important value parents are the central part of the family unit. Parents teach children normative values, standards, gender roles, ideals, and principles through child rearing. A part of development is teaching a child to look beyond one’s self-awareness and being conscious of their surroundings. Dependence training, a technique used by parents in child rearing, socializes an individual to view...

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