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Human Resource Management (HRM) have four main important fuctions such as :- Staffing a) Planning and recruitment - To have a proper reconciliation between the two environmental forces of labour market (demand and supply of labour). To have an idea of their current configuration of their human resource. This will determine the strengths and weeknesses of their present stock of employees.To have a plan as to ...view middle of the document...

b) Selection and Placement - This will determine who will or will not be allowed into the organization.Training - To create a competitive advantage. This will enhance the employee's productivity and quality towards the company's goals and objectives on a) Employee's knowledge of foreign competitors and cultures.b) Basic skills to work with new technologies c) To understand the company's cultures, innovation, creativity and learning.d) Ensure employment security e) Prepare employee's to work more effectively with each other, particularly with minority.Compensation - Developing an attractive pay structure according to the proper job structures by attaching other benefits like incentives, allowances, overtime, increments, well insured on workmen compensation, benchmarking the pay structures according to the market competitiveness, a proper future plan for the employee's and finally a retirement benefit.Performance Management - Is a process for the managers to evaluate their employees activities and output are congruent with the organization's goal on gaining competitive advantage.

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2437 words - 10 pages employee relates it to improvements in production. It finds out ways and means of analysing the employee based on characteristics such as skill, abilities, etc and relates it to performance measure of productivity, turnover etc. This enables the HR to identify the differences in the employee intellect. They consider Micro HRM to enable the following the HR functions of Selection (Job description) / Recruitment (Job Content) /Training & Development

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2519 words - 10 pages tackled. Such should always be solved immediately to avoid escalation (Foot and Hook 2005) Employee development and training, compensation and benefits are other functions of the HRM to enable organisations to stay competitive and to maintain performing employees. The right work-life balance is the key in motivating employees thereby improving employee performance, hence better results for the customers. HRM Framework & Its Processes The aim of the

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