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Impoverished Essay

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The world we live in is a place in which many people suffer each and every day. All around the world people suffer to find food and shelter simply because they are impoverished. Different parts of the world have different demographics, income levels and resources. Many people around the world live comfortably and have not only their needs fulfilled but also their wants. The difference between countries and their impoverishment levels are drastic. Impoverishment is a worldwide problem that almost all countries face and it is something that could be relieved with the help of more privileged individuals helping the impoverished.

Many different components contribute to one becoming impoverished. The type of Government over the people is a major contributor to why levels of poor people are so high. Countries run under corrupt governments, such as Somalia, have between 60% and 80% of their total population impoverished. Personal problems may also be causes of economic disadvantage in many different areas. Drug addictions account for up to 26% of the entire homeless population in the United States of America. Alcohol is also a major cause of impoverishment, 38% of all homeless people in the U.S are homeless because of alcohol abuse. Many different issues have the ability to drive somebody to become impoverished and once you are poor it is hard to gain wealth again because of lack of money and resources.
Levels of impoverishment vary depending on where you may be. Africa is the continent containing the highest levels of poor citizens. Between the arid climate, many wars and political mismanagement Africa is the continent with the most impoverished people and has the toughest time helping people gain wealth. Within continents and even countries, it is most common for the economically disadvantaged to live in cities. In one of America’s best known cities, New York, there are as many as 50,000 people who are homeless/impoverished. Data from the Institution for research on poverty states “In 2010, according to the official measure, 46.2 million people, or 15.1...

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