Impressions Of The Play Titled Cleaning Up

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Impressions of the Play Titled Cleaning Up

This essay will be based on my, impressions of the play, 'Cleaning Up'
which I saw on 25/03/04. The name of the company performing the play
was 'Theatre Venture'. There were four members of this company and
between them they shared the roles.

My first impressions when entering the theatre hall were very good
ones. The first thing I noticed was the almost intimidating music
playing in the background. This music caught my attention because it
was simply interesting. I could hear muffled voices and sounds like
police sirens in the background of the music's slow beat. This along
with the dimmed, smoky lights worked for me, set the atmosphere very
well and made me want to keep watching - which was the sole purpose.

Even if I had not already read the play, I would have had a clear idea
of what kind of area the play was set in from little clues like the
police sirens concealed in the music to the loud graffiti sprayed on
the set walls.

The costumes in this play were another plus point for me. This play
worked with the idea of authority and belonging. These things came out
to me further while viewing the play. The first character to enter the
stage was wearing a costume that would become very familiar as the
play moved on. It was a silver jumpsuit which covered their whole
body. They also had goggles and a face mask on. This appearance was
quite chilling and added to the cold, eerie atmosphere perfectly. This
costume was a uniform which didn't allow any of the actual person's
personality to shine through. The costume was cold and impersonal and
as the play progressed, I realised that the coldness of the Meebus
uniform was actually a good reflection of the characters they were

The most important part of the silver costume was the logo on the
back. This was the Meebus logo which we saw a lot of in the rest of
the play. The logo, I thought, resembled a donut type shape with a
slight dent in it. It appeared everywhere as the play went on, on
buildings, on bags and on other characters (Impy, Mclean and Carla)
clothing. This was a symbol and a constant reminder that everything in
the vicinity belonged to the Meebus Corporation and was under their

When another side, the 'West' was introduced, it added another
dimension to the play. Up until that point we had been viewing life on
the 'East' side of the world. This gave the audience a chance to see
what was different on the side of the world that was not dominated and
controlled by the Meebus Cooperation.

The set to me looked as though it had been set up in an abstract way.
There were no clear markings showing which part was which so the
audience was invited to make up their own minds. Some parts of the set
became clear very quickly e.g. Impy and Mclean's home. But...

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