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Improvement On Raced Relations Essay

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The progress that has taken place within America shows that “the country has come a long way in race relations, but the pendulum swings so far back. Everyone wants to be so sensitive”, this was stated by Clint Eastwood. When looking at the relationship that multiple races share, it is evident that they have improved a lot since the past. This can be seen by looking at events from the civil rights movement and comparing it to current situations. New generations were needed in order to learn from what took place in the past so that the relationships that exist between blacks and whites could be present like they are today. Having pushed the fact to desegregate America, the youth of newer ...view middle of the document...

” In the past it was a major issue but now that it has been enforced it has begun to become a distraction from the children’s education. Schools look for have a diverse student body so that it looks as if the school is well rounded, but more time is taken to do shape the appearance rather than meet the needs of the children. These examples show the difference from the past to today and it shows how having schools desegregated has improved but now it is taking away from educational purposes.
Leaving the world the way it already was and having things segregated was what many whites preferred. Whites saw having black children with the white children as a problem in grade school and high school because the blacks were behind their age requirements that they needed to be meeting at the time. Many white parents felt that the black children would only bring their children down, they wouldn’t be helpful to them at all. Brown v. Board showed that whites would doing anything in their power to keep the races separated. A main cause for the whites wanting everything to be segregated came from the way they were raised. Many whites grew up in households that didn’t believe blacks were citizens, therefore why would the respect a black person if they weren’t equal to them. And if blacks weren’t considered to be citizens then they also do deserve the rights given in the fourteenth amendment of the constitution. The older generations saw black people as a bad, so in order for a new opinion new...

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