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Improvements For Our Troops Essay

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Marika GulledgeMs.Marecki11 honors English, Pd. 816 January 2014Every year, many troops are sent over to defend and protect our country in war. Some troops come home safe and uninjured, and as for others come home wounded or either, dead. As for the wounded coming home, they don't have the support they need when coming back home. So if someone created more counseling for the troops it could help them recover from the war. Some things like support groups, meditation classes, and counselors would help a lot.Some troops can't handle talking about what happened during the war, so support groups could have them open up to each other. Each of them could relate to each other and comfort each other by helping each other release what they've been holding back what they want to say about the war. No one else can really understand what a troop has one through more than another troop his self. Support from others could reduce the mental stress they are having from the war. And the support does not have to be in just the meetings. If veterans want to contact each other out of the group ( with their permission), that's also possible and could help more.Things can be tougher if it's more mentally than physically because being physical is what gets anybody out of bed, but mental thinking is making the decision whether to get up or stay in bed. And because of all the mental stress from the war, someone would want some...

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