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Improving College Recruitment Essay

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Improving College Recruitment Program
Recruitment is a serious issue for an organization and one that ought to be afforded a considerable amount of planning in order to successfully achieve desired outcomes. Recruitment is a costly process for an organization and poorly executed recruitment can result in selecting candidates that are not appropriate for the organization. A poorly executed recruitment can also reflect negatively on the organization’s reputation, which can cost the organization solid future candidates. Due to the cost both in time and in resources, a recruitment process deserves a solid training program that covers a variety of issues. Thought should be given to the topics to be covered in a training program, aids or materials recruiters will need, practical skills to be covered in the training, the person most appropriate to conduct the training, and any additional needs to be considered to ensure the training is most effective in achieving the goal of developing strong recruiting skills.
Topics to be Covered in the Training Program
Proper training is essential to an effective recruitment process. Marianne Collins, HR Manager for exempt employees, is already aware of the issues that can arise from ineffective or insufficient training. Among the issues experienced is a lack of concern for the security of applicant materials, lack of knowledge regarding the positions available, untimely processes, deficiency of knowledge about the hiring processes, legal infractions, an absence of professionalism in interviewing, and a failure to communicate the timeline for recruitment and hiring.
To combat these and other issues that can arise due to a lack of training, the development of a training program will want to include information to address several aspects. Heneman, Judge, and Kammeyer-Mueller (2012) recommend including: “interviewing skills, job analysis, interpersonal aspects of recruiting, laws and regulations, forms and reports, organization and job characteristics, and recruitment targets” (p. 215). In reviewing the list of issues that Marianne had with the previous recruitment, including these topics in the training program should address all the issues previously experienced.
Interview Skills
By providing training as to proper etiquette to follow during an interview, questions to avoid for legal and ethical reasons, as well as stressing the need to maintain due diligence in dealing with applicant materials, Marianne should realize an improvement over the previous year’s recruitment experience. Training needs to be provided as to tools and techniques that are available to adequately assess qualifications such as cultural fit, technical abilities, communication skills, interpersonal skills, and the like (Heathfield, 2014).
Job Analysis
The former recruiters were unable to provide the candidates a reasonable description of the jobs that were being recruited for, something that is highly desired from a...

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