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Improving Communications Essay

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Throughout this course, I realized there was a lot that I needed to do for myself to improve my communication skills. I set goals for myself that I felt were reasonable and things that I needed to work on in order to get where I want to be in life. Some goals I feel that I have reached like being able to give good advice, as well as making eye contact with someone while they are talking to me. Some goals, however, I have not reached like not becoming so nervous when someone speaks to me and listening apprehensively. I know I have not reached these goals yet because I still experience these almost every day. Even though I have yet to reach them, I know I am taking steps in my life to make sure these goals or ideas become reality for me. I don’t think some of my plan succeeded because I have always been very shy and timid and I don’t think overcoming this social anxiety is something that will come easily. It is something I need to work towards but, like I have mentioned I have been taking steps to improve this. Not all of my goals were unsuccessful. I have noticed that I am getting better at making eye contact with people. I improved on this by telling myself when someone is speaking to me, to look at them. I would tell myself this over and over in my mind where it almost comes naturally now. I have also discovered that giving advice is coming easier to me now, even though I did not follow the steps that I mentioned in my skill plan. In order to reach this goal I had to take my stress away from the conversation and concentrate mainly on what is right in front of me. Doing this allowed me to open my mind and communicate to the best of my ability.
I knew I had not achieved any of my goals because no matter how hard I tried I always became very nervous when spoken to. In order to overcome this I tried a few different approaches. The first plan of attack was to try and communicate more in my literature class. I knew going into the class I told myself “I will participate today”, but whenever the opportunity arose I backed down and became anxious. I also tried this technique many times under different circumstances. My family and my fiancés family have gatherings all of the time. This gave me a chance to accomplish my goal....

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