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Improving Efficiency Of Business Enterprise Mobiles

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Tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices are on an ever-increasing rise in the business industry. Consequently, businesses need to constantly update their knowledge of this technological environment. While keeping a business up to date in modern day is extremely valuable to a business enterprise, it does not come without a high cost. However, implementing and managing moving a company into a mobile platform properly can easily make that high cost pay off quickly.

In today’s world, technology is released so quickly that by the time you finish reading this research paper a new technological advance has most likely come out. Mobile computing is no exception when it comes to massive advances in software and hardware. Businesses must strive to maintain their level of technology while deciding if taking the leap is worth the cost-risk involved. An increasing issue within business enterprises, is figuring out how to walk the fine line between having every new gadget that is released into the market and keeping the benefits of said gadget higher than its cost.
Touchscreen technology is one of the biggest advances in the mobile computer world. In fact, not only have touchscreens become the standard for mobile computing, but they are also becoming the standard for stationary computing (Scholtz, Calitz, & Snyman, 2013). Touchscreens enable individuals to not just visually work with software, but actually “get their hands on it.” Implementing mobile devices that interact with businesses enable them to not just see what the company meeting involves, but actually allowing them to participate in it. Working hands on is a major benefit to employees because not only does it improve the information intake of employees, studies show that working hands on with an application rather than just listening to it, gives the individual a much “deeper understanding” (Medaris, 2009).
Raising a company’s ability to continually improve communication and collaboration is one of the highest priorities a company has. Finding the appropriate tools to accomplish this is paramount to the success of a business enterprise. The flow of information is a vital aspect of keeping an enterprise running smoothly. Smartphones and tablets can potentially give the employee access to all of the information relevant to their job and the jobs of the employees they work closely with. Having this knowledge enables the individual to work more fluidly and in unison with others in their work environment. Mobile computing is a great tool for companies to employ. Mobile devices, such as a tablet, enable employees to step away from the desk and actually consistently engage with other workers, or customers, depending on what the job actually calls for.
While mobile devices are a large benefit to the enterprise, they also come with multiple challenges when implementing them into the workplace. Businesses...

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