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Improving Health Through Nike Soccer Academy

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Improving health through Nike soccer Academy
“Richard Willing’s CSI Effects” is about how crime shows are very important, Because they help jurors, some lawyers and others have an idea about how some crime cases are dealt with. According to Willing, due to CSI shows people have unrealistic ideas and rely too heavily on scientific findings. CSI shows have taught jurors about DNA tests but not enough about how to use them. Jurors are sometimes right to expect high-tech evidence, but the shows make them think that real science is always above reproach. I agree with willing and Kramer that people are heavily influenced by crime-analysis program. Similar to reality shows like Nike soccer academy, causes as to stretch out the muscle regularly, eating healthy, as well as keeping the body in good shape and condition.
Reality shows can be educational to both the contestant and the viewers. Reality shows such as the Nike soccer academy show helps viewers with stretching the muscle to help with flexibility to improve their range of motion. With the help of the show, viewers will learn how stretching is important before any sporting activity. Alex is a professional coach and trainer for the academy players. He has experience how stretching the muscle is a major to their tissues and body. Whereas, the player may stretch their muscle out twenty to thirty minutes on their own. After stretching out the muscle, the players are trained on how to kick, dive, strike, and run constantly with the soccer ball for two to three hours per day, and nearly four hours at the end of the session. Even though some of these players may have never strike, kick or run for a certain amount of time, Coach Alex shows them how to stretch out efficiently, regularly, without pulling a muscle.
In addition, the players on the Nike soccer academy show have a bad eating habits, many of them are obsessed with junk food such burgers, soda, and pizza. The show also helps viewers to stay away from junk food, and...

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