Improving Of Athlete's Communication Skills: Sessions And Methods (Designed Communication Program)

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Improving of Athlete's Communication Skills: Sessions and MethodsSessions dealing with individual, athlete in particular, requires the development of specific psychological approach to a person combined with innovative methods of two-way communication, theoretical basis and practical exercises. Also instructor has to plan the sessions and actions towards the enhancement of athlete's communication skills carefully in terms of time constraints and possible education background of a person. However, it is recommended not to change personal features of the athlete, namely his dialect, manner of speaking, etc. in order to remain athlete's natural behavior. The sessions are divided in four equal and independent parts in order to be as much specific and effective as possible. Methodological approach consists of dialogues, question-answers modules, sample watching, personal presentation before camera, and personal evaluation.Week 1Athlete is offered to review series of interviews, including press releases, interviews on the field, after match interview, casual spontaneous interviews, where both athletes and other people of interests are involved in. Interviews specifically selected by instructor include successful interviews and episodes as well as communicative failures. The method of session is designed to draw athlete's attention to all possible outcomes of good and poor communication. After reviewing, the athlete is offered to comment some of the interviews. Instructor must pay attention on the nature of athlete's reactions, emphasizing his possible fears, bias, stimuli-response behavior, etc. At the end of the first session, the athlete is asked to compose 5-minute story about the feelings concerning his favorite game/sport, and to be able to tell composed story at the next meeting in a week. No supplementary material is given to the athlete. During the first week it is desirable to contact the athlete and remind him about the task he received at the last session.Week 2At the second session the instructor invites 10-12 spectators to view the athlete's performance while telling the story. Spectators are chosen not randomly but basically from colleges studying communication theories. They are informed about the main task of the session and are to prepare several questions regarding the athlete's story. This method of training in order to test stimuli-response model in practice, therefore the athlete is not informed about the plan of session in advance. The performance of the athlete is filmed from the very beginning including athlete's personal appearance and his reaction on the questions asked by the audience. After presentation and interview is over, the audience leaves the room. Then instructor and athlete are reviewing the tape several times. After the first preview, athlete is asked if he likes his own performance. Instructor responsibility is to evaluate possible athlete's response: anger, fear, despair, joy, impatience, etc. Starting from the...

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