Improving Online Resources For Caregivers Essay

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o Important Facts
 75% of the U.S. aging population has some type of chronic condition.
 Around 40% of the U.S. population is some type of care giver.
 Females dominated in being caregivers.
 80% of caregivers are family relatives.
 Some patients solely rely on Caregivers.
 Most caregivers need some type of emotional support.
 Burden of caregivers range from emotional, financial and time restraint.

o The design portal should be addressed for middle aged people. Neither gender is completely leading the industry but females do have a higher percent of being caregivers. Most users are comfortable using some type of technology for caregiving. Efficiently finding resources seems to be the biggest complaint. The portals need to be designed with a thoughtful, helpfulness, caring, encouragement within its theme.

 Synopsis
o What percentage of the population are caregivers?

 According to Fox, Duggan and Purcell in 2013 “four in ten adults are caregivers”. The article goes on to state that the prevalent age groups that are caregivers range from “thirty to sixty four years” of age (Fox, 2013). This percent has risen nineteen percent from 2004. According to N.C.A. in 2004 and estimated twenty one percent were care givers. Both article relied on survey style information from a set number of randomly select people. It appears that many of the care givers are still in the workforce and holding a full time job while providing full time care.

o Which gender is dominated among caregivers?

 A consenting agreement among three different research studies showed that from 2004 through 2014 the “leading gender to provide care giving was female” (Fox, 2013), (N.C.A., 2004) and (Wilder., 2012). One noticeable observation was that male caregiver has risen 16 percent from 2004 to 2014. This information was combined through the use of surveys and telephone interview. Overall male caregivers still has presence in caregiving but female caregivers still dominate the area. Out of the different nationalities that were researched African-Americans and Caucasians seem to lead the percent of top caregivers.

o What are the caregiver’s relationships to patients?

 According to Fox, 2013 and N.C.A., 2004 the top relationship is a range of different relatives associated to the patient. Less than twenty percent of care givers are from outside the family ( N.C.A., 2004). This indicates that the majority of people do not trust or care to have people from outside the family to care for a loved one. This leads one to believe that caregivers have a heavy burden when dealing with loved ones who need care.

o What type of education or train background do caregivers have?

 A 2012 survey shows that thirty one percent of caregivers do not have high school diplomas. Only thirty six percent have high school diplomas. However forty four percent of caregivers have some type of college experience. Whereas forty percent graduated from...

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