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Running head: Improving organizational performanceImproving organizational performancePSY/428Improving organizational performanceImproving organizational performance may become one the most challenging problems for the companies, which develop degradation in that area. Based on the individual performance equation, performance can be viewed as the result of the personal attributes of individuals, the work effort they make, and the organizational support they receive. As a result, the performance can be considered as a product of ability and motivation. Person's ability depends on factors such as training, experience, education, and its progress takes usually some time. In contrast, motivation can be improved relatively fast. The focus of a management team in the organization is to achieve certain goals through workers. In order to do it, the management is faced with motivating employees. Therefore, it is important for the managers to understand the need for development, opportunity and motivation.Air Devils is a professional Arial stunt firm based in Salt Lake City. The company is engaged in many types of Arial stunts and serves a host of industries varying from movies to marketing. The first several years were very good for this business and the company experienced a rapid growth. Bulk of the firm's revenue was generated from a dedicated customer base providing substantial repeat business. During the last 2 years though business suffered based on dissatisfaction with quality of stunts. In addition, number of employees left the company and the job satisfaction is low. I was hired to analyze the structure of this organization, diverse workforce and its policies to suggest measures to make Air Devils more flexible. Based on the survey given to the employees, we identified that the group, which is the most dissatisfied, is the stunt group. They are dissatisfied with work, pay and promotion. The biggest concern amongst this group members is the ability to perform exciting stunts. Their complaint is that for a long time they have been performing same routines without anything new and challenging planed ahead. The solution to the company's problem is to increase job satisfaction through developing and offering more exciting stunts to the employees and consequently to the company's clients. It not only benefits the team, but also brings new business to the organization. Creating of informal group of three people to the test the stunts consulting market was a way of developing plan for new program. In order to mitigate the problem with absenteeism at Air Devils, I suggested software training to crewmembers to reduce anxiety about safety, modifying the team structure, establishing code of conduct and allow for flexible work schedule. All these suggestions were aimed at addressing the psychological concerns of the employees, which would result in additional benefit of increase in organizational...

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