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There are eight physiological adaptations that a touch football player would experience in response to training; these include a change in stroke volume, heart rate, cardiac output, oxygen uptake, lung capacity, hemoglobin levels, muscle hypertrophy and the effect on slow- and fast-twitch muscle fibers.

A touch football player would expect to experience the benefits of training after ten weeks. The first of these many benefits includes a change in stroke volume. An athlete’s stroke volume is the amount of blood that is pumped around their body in one beat. In response to training a touch football player’s stroke volume will increase both at rest and during exercise.
This increase is a result of the increase in the size of the heart, which is most noticeable in the increased thickness in the ventricle walls. This allows more blood to enter the heart on the diastolic beat, and then more blood to be pushed from the heart as a result of the more powerful contractions.
In response to training a touch football player would experience an increased stroke volume both at rest and during exercise. This increased stroke volume allows for a greater volume of blood to be pumped around the body in one beat, which in turn further improves the future performance of the player.

Secondly, a touch football player’s heart rate would adapt in response to training. The athlete’s heart rate would decrease, both at rest and during exercise, as a direct result of the increased stroke volume and improved efficiency of the cardiorespiratory system.
For example, before the touch football player began to undergo training his heart rate may have been around 75 bpm at rest and 90 bpm during exercise. After about ten weeks of regular training the touch football player’s heart rate would decrease to around 60 bpm at rest and 80 bpm during training.
This is because the cardiovascular system becomes more efficient, and the stroke volume higher, as a result of training. This means that the heart can push more blood further around the body, and therefore does not have to beat as often, resulting in the lower heart rate.
This decreased heart rate is just one of the physiological adaptations that a touch football player would experience as a result of training.

The third physiological adaptation that a touch football player would experience as a result of training is a change in their cardiac output. An athlete’s cardiac output is the volume of blood that their heart ejects per minute, and is therefore a direct result of the stoke volume and heart rate.
When untrained the touch football player’s cardiac output may be around 20 litres per minute, as a result of training this reading would increase to around 25 litres per minute. The formula for cardiac output is ‘stroke volume x heart rate’. As previously discussed, the heart rate heart rate of a touch football player would decrease as a result of training, whereas the stroke volume would increase.
The increase in cardiac...

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