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Improving Profitability Starts With Making One Improvement Every Day

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Profit margin measures how much money out of every dollar of sales a company in fact retains in earnings after their expenses have been paid. This calculation is paramount to our organization because it enables us to drive profit at the margin, while maintaining reasonable costs to support our business operations. Chairman, President, and CEO Kathy Mazzarella pointed out in the Graybar Outlook, “If we all do one more thing or perhaps one thing differently every day to help the company achieve success, imagine the impact we could have together. Remember, improving profitability starts with the little decisions we make every day. As employee owners, we deserve the best from ourselves and each other. We shouldn’t settle for anything less.” True change can be seen in the margins of our everyday decisions and behavioral patterns. Although evidence of improved profitability can be observed in the profit margin; the true conception of positive results could be realized in marginal behaviors, and habits influencing our everyday choices, and in return, driving business results.

Each personal or professional improvement goal can be abridged to a list of behaviors, whether your ultimate objective is to improve your sales budget by 10%, improve your communication abilities, technical or analytical skills or simply be more organized, all can be tracked at the behavioral margin. The behavioral margin is conceptually identical to the profit margin calculation because the results they both yield are incremental, and have such a drastic impact over time. If improvement is desired, you must look to change your behavior that directly impacts the outcome of your initial development goal. For example, if you aspire to be more organized in your daily work, the first course of action is to examine what you mean by organized. The most pressing organization issues could be the lack of drive to carry out projects to their completion, or allowing...

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