Improving Relationships Between Fathers And Their Children

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Our future is our children! Coaches, teachers, pastor, uncles, cousins are all considered mentors when they spend quality time around young children. I have always heard of the surrogate mother, but never the surrogate father. We need to take a look at how we can improve the relationships between fathers and their involvement in the education institutions of America. Some of the mentors mentioned above should be able to pass on knowledge of being a young man in today’s society. Well there is a reason for this pecking order and this important figure not being mentioned. All of the above can and will be a father figures, i.e., surrogate fathers to some young child during their lifetime. Every since I was old enough to remember, some male has played a significant role in my development. From my days at the 43rd St. Boys Club, I have notice males becoming mentors or confidants to me. This was extremely important in me trying to figure out what does it take to be a man. I use to feel neglected because I didn’t have my biological father around. But I did notice that there were important men in my life, whether they were biologically connected or just males willing to contribute to my developmental growth. I would not realize until later how much these men would affect my life and how I look at the world through their eyes.
I was a child that was raised by a single guardian. I didn’t have a biological mother or father raise me or play a big a intricate part of my development. There was a time in my life that I use to accept my mother not being there for me, but rejected my father. Why did I look at my father in a negative way and not my mother? Eventually, as I went over that thought in my mind, I realized that I was falling into the matriarchal ways that society had adapted too. I eventually changed my feeling towards both parents because I was not alone in wanting answer to my deepest feeling that would a big impact on me becoming the person I am. I knew in my heart with the help of a father being there for the things that I was going to encounter, it would have helped me figure life lessons out. This is where my passion for fathers involvement, especially the educational process, comes to the forefront.
Their involvement is what has led me to give back to today’s children. But also explore how effective is it for more fathers or male figure to involve themselves with today’s kids. It played a vital role in me avoiding a lot of the complications that young men run into today. Do more males contribute to school activities in suburban area versus urban area? Also what can we do to help change the perception of today’s custodial fathers? Are they more involved in the educational process of their children? Unfortunately economics play a big part in the involvement of parents, especially fathers. With the need to have to incomes to survive we are constantly seeing a decrease in males’ involvement in inner city schools. When...

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