Improving The Economic Crisis Essay

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Improving the Economic Crisis
As hard as it is to say, the economic crisis started around the same time the equine slaughter plants closed down. In no way did this create crisis, but a landslide action that caused many industries to plummet. One of these industries is the farming industry. While it is a sad situation to start up again, opening the equine slaughter plants will strengthen many industries and open a few more jobs for people. Supporting our farmers will also give everyone the needed push in this economy.
When the last slaughterhouse was shut down, thousands of, and possibly more, people had lost their jobs. Not only did the slaughterhouse workers loose jobs, but people in horse related industries, and farming industries. Horses have become more numerous without an easy, cheap way, to dispose of the unwanted, unsound, or just plain old, horses. High-end horse breeders have found pricing dropping to next to nothing. It is no longer a shocker to find a high-end horse selling for a mere $100 when the same horse sold for $6500. Racehorses have been finding themselves homeless and nearly starved to death after their days on the track. Breeders are going bankrupt and selling out farms with the low selling prices and high feed prices.
Reopening slaughterhouses would create employment in slaughterhouses, breeding and training farms, broker lots, transport companies, and meat buyers. The businesses would start to circulate money through the barrel racing industry, dressage industry, meat industry, and even world export. Right now, we are paying exportation taxes and fees for products we have the ability to grow and raise right here in the United States. If we did produce the quantities needed among us, many people would feel the benefits, and with the scare of foreign foods, more people would start buying produce again.
For an example, horsemeat can be sold in Europe for over $20 per pound. When you take into consideration that an average horse is one thousand pounds, and over 100,000 horses where being sent for slaughter, the revenue was sky high. Those figures are from the export of meat alone. All of this money is circulated in the United States. We are not just circulating what we have; we are getting money from other countries that are not giving charity donations.
Most of the horses that go to slaughter are sold at auction. The people putting these horses through the auction are being paid for horses. The will circulate that money into the economy. They may use that money to pay bills, which might be the difference in a foreclosed house. The might just spend the money on themselves which will circulate the money into businesses and stimulate business growth. Right now, prices are low. The income from selling horses does not make a difference because the prices are so low. If the price of horses goes back up with having more uses for them, the income would help greatly.
Once horse prices go back up to where they were before...

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