Improving The Situation Of The Black Underclass

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The history of America is one that can’t be discussed without talking about the Negro. Whether we want to admit it or not, the Negro has played an integral part in making what America what it is today. If it wasn’t for the profits generated from slavery, there would have been no way that America would have been the country that it is today. The slavery that the Negro endured has produced some positive and negatives, but it is the negatives that have been something that the Negro hasn’t been able to overcome for hundreds of years. It is these same negatives that have compelled some of the greatest black minds in history to create solutions to these problems. Minds such as Crummell, W.E.B Du Bois are some of the minds that have come up with solutions to these problems that will come to produce the result of elevating the Negro from the condition that produces such problems. Many of these same problems that the Negro struggled with hundreds of years ago are some of the same problems that the Contemporary Negro continues to struggle with today. These problems centered on subjects such as: the current status of the Negro family, the element of morals, need for Negro economics, and a correct and proper understanding of Negro history. The solutions derived from these subjects will help elevate the contemporary Negro.
The family is the most important aspect of any race around the world, including the Negro race. Crummell states in The Need of New Ideas and New Aims for a New Era “For the basis of all human progress and of all civilization is the family. Despoil the idea of family, assail rudely its elements, its framework and its essential principles, and nothing but degeneration and barbarism can come to any people” (p.25). Crummell clearly understood the importance of the family, and also the relations that family and race had. The family is the one that brings life into the race. That life that is brought into the race is ultimately the one that will determine the destiny of that race. This concept can best be explained when one takes a look into the situation of the Negro family as on now. Not so long after one start to investigate, when one notices the glaring lack of men in the Negro household. Not just any type of man, but a man that is of great character and strength. Men are the foundation of any family, so whenever the foundation of anything is uprooted, the structure that relies on this foundation will surely come down. Crummell states that “A race is a family”, which only reinforces this fact. One goal that was set out by the slave system to accomplish was to emasculate the African, which would make them better slaves and less likely to revolt. This ineffectively destroyed the foundation of the Negro race, which in turn has caused the Negro race as a whole to become severely unstable.
Not only where the men of the Negro race affected by the slave system, the women were also. The men may be the overall foundation of the race, but the...

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