Improving Your Marketability: Keeping Up With Trends

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With the ever changing world of business, maintaing competitive edge is important. Businesses and employees are in a constant battle to keep themselves on the lips of consumers and employers. Keeping up to date with the current trends is a must. As the new year rolls around, rededicating yourself or your business to improving marketability is an essential step to continued success. For the best ways to keep current and prominent, follow these simple tips.

Create a Plan

The way to improve marketability isn't a single path. There are thousands, if not millions, of ways to improve your marketability. Creating a specialized plan that works for your larger goals is essential. Just like you wouldn't start a business without a plan, sit down at create a step by step plan for what you want to accomplish and what process would best achieve that goal. A solid plan will keep you on track to achieve your dreams by a set of measures.

Always Be Networking

The old adage is never more true than in the Internet age. Networking has gotten more difficult and easier than ever. While face-to-face encounters are on the wane, networking through social media and online presence is easier than ever. This lack of personal interaction makes building meaningful relationships harder but the availability of digital relationships allows more interaction with experts and trendsetters worldwide.

To best improve marketability through networking, make sure your social media presence on sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn is fully filled out and up to date. Additionally, make the commitment to reach out to others in your field, cultivating stronger relationships and additional support.

Stay on the Pulse of Your Industry

In the vein of networking, the best way to keep up with trends is to be friendly with trendsetters. Follow blogs, friend on social media sites, and be a constant presence online with those who are leading the way in your industry.

Following trendsetters is also a great way to become a trendsetter yourself. While the massive popularity of Twitter may have come as a shock to the general public, those...

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