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Death is how a person chooses to view it as. It is a beautiful part of nature, while others fear it. It hurts to watch a loved one suffer through an illness. There is controversy determining whether it is moral to assist a patient’s death. Opinions of it being considered murder have risen. One’s body is just material, one is determined by their soul. Religious views toward it seem to overrule the philosophical viewpoint. Morality is based on how one views it. A claim is true, so long as it is useful. Physician-assisted suicide should be legal for terminally ill patients.
One’s body is just material, one is determined by their soul. The termination one’s body is not the end of the soul. The issue of morality and its religious stages have been touched by Soren Kierkegaard and William James. Kierkegaard believes there are stages to prove one’s authenticity. The Aesthetic, Ethical, and Religious stage. Doctors would be considered to be in the ethical stage because they go beyond themselves and become universal to the world. Kierkegaard believes that the majority of Christians are inauthentic because they need assurance to for what is right and wrong. For example, they go to church to hear the word of God and they apply those rules to their daily life. For one to achieve higher goals, one must suspend what is right and what is wrong. James’ theory of Pragmatism is the belief that a claim is true, as long as it is useful. Truth is an event, not an objective characteristic. If a physician assists a terminally ill patient’s death with mutual agreement, and the patient believes it is right, it is useful. James believes we must experiment, test or put an idea into practice to know its truth.
Physician-assisted suicide is considered immoral but Utilitarianism defines morality through Immanuel Kant’s theory of Net Utility. Utilitarianism is based on morally good acts that maximize net utility. The idea of what is right and what is wrong is the whole concept of morals. Kant’s theory explains that anything and everything is morally acceptable, as long as it is given the right of circumstances. Murder is acceptable as long as it maximizes good. What is murder if it is our cadaver that is terminated, but not our soul? A physician helping an incurable patient’s death is perfectly moral because it maximizes the good of the patient. A violation to Kant’s theory would be if you were to use it as a means to an end. A physician terminating a patient without the consent of the patient would be considered immoral. Morality is not a means to an end, it’s based on maximized good.
One must live, not merely exist. Soren Kierkegaard believes in existentialism. Existentialism deals with the meaning of one’s existence. We are subjects not objects. One must be authentic. If one does not have a passion, one just exists. Therefore, a terminally ill patient in despair has the right to die. George Santayana is another philosopher related to Kierkegaard. Santayana believes that...

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