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Impurities Of War Essay

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In times of war, morality and pity are easily tossed aside due to soldiers of opposite sides attempting to kill the other. In such dark circumstances, soldiers undergo transformations and never return the same from the battlefield before they shipped out. These transformations sometimes culminate into soldiers questioning their morals and why they fight blindly for their superiors. In the film, Beowulf and Grendel, by Strula Gunnarson, the Geat “hero” Beowulf faces moral dilemmas as he is tasked with killing Grendel, a roaming troll above the Dane’s kingdom. As the story progresses, he learns choices in war are not as easy as they once seemed, and begins to question his “hero” status as he learns of what befell the troll from the Dane’s ruler. The novel, Grendel, by John Gardner, also illustrates the questioning of morality. Grendel’s attacks on the Danes are questioned by the dragon and the Shaper in the story, and at the end of the story, Grendel expresses hope for his death. The actions by the characters in the film and novel correlate to the overall issue of morality in times of “peace” and “war”. In the film, Beowulf and Grendel, by Sturla Gunnarson, and the novel, Grendel, by John Gardner, questions of morality start to appear as the many dynamic characters of both sources begin to alter their early perceptions of right and wrong to make the right decision, although they suffer losses from these choices.
An example of showing morals is presented in the book and movie through the eyes of Selma the witch in Beowulf & Grendel, and the dragon in Grendel. A scene of the film that shows morality as an issue is when Beowulf begins to build a relationship with Selma at her home. Inside, she discusses how she was abused and raped by Danes. Selma also tells Beowulf of her first encounter with Grendel, how he raped her, but afterwards he protected her from the savage rapists since then. After this moment, Beowulf’s perception of morality changed. He viewed Grendel with more respect and generosity than when he first arrived to the Dane territory. Selma is portrayed as the most pure and moral of all the Danes, even though the Danes consider her an outcast due to her pagan religion and her ability to see people’s deaths. She protects Grendel even though he harmed her at first, because afterwards, she realizes how harmless the troll really is. He is more human-like than most of the Danes that occupy the region. Selma also informs Beowulf that Hrothgar is not telling the entire truth about why Grendel started to attack the mead hall. Beowulf learns that Hrothgar killed Grendel’s father for taking a fish. This swift, overzealous punishment made Grendel vicious towards Danes involved in either his father’s death, or those that try to wrong him. An example of this is how Beowulf continuously waited to challenge Beowulf, but the troll either ignored him, made a fool of him and his men, or vanished before he could be attacked. Beowulf grew...

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