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In A Democracy We Have Many Rights. In A Dictatorship People Do Not Have The Same Rights.

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Democracy Verses Dictatorship.There are many groups of people in the world who stay in different countries, who have to work together. A leader will make decisions on behalf of the group. On the condition that most people obey their leader, he or she should have the support of many people in the group. Well-liked individuals within a group can influence many ordinary people to vote or support the person they want for a leader. These popular individuals can group together to form pressure groups i.e. the Petrol people's lobby or political parties i.e. the Conservative party, to achieve the same ideals.Democracy.In a democracy everyone has one vote, which they can use to elect their choice of leader. There can be much chitchat about the good and bad points of all candidates. Everyday people can complain about unreasonable laws or rules by going on a protest march, (as long as it is a peaceful one) political strike or sign a petition. Newspapers and television will carry this message and others may join in too. Several years ago the Conservative introduced the Poll tax to pay for local government somewhat different than the old rates system. The Poll tax made everyone pay the same amount; the rates system made people in high-priced houses pay more. On account of many people protesting the leader of the Conservative Party was changed and the Poll tax renewed to take into account the cost of the house you live in.DICTATORSHIPIn a dictatorship you may not have the right to vote for a leader in an election. If an election is allowed there...

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