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In A Time When Worldwide International Affairs Are Unstable And

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In a time when worldwide international affairs are unstable and the inevitability of waging war on any number of adversaries is possible, the U.S. Government taking steps to bolster our country's infrastructure. I challenge, that in order to complete this task in an expedient manner, the U.S. must curtail foreign aid, at least for a short time, redirecting those resources towards repairing aspects of our own country's internal defunct and degrading social and economic systems. My proposal is to limit foreign aid to humanitarian projects rather than economic or military aid, except where it is absolutely necessary to keep mutually beneficial relations with those countries.It can be argued that war is good for the economy; citing WWII as an example, the war brought an end to the Great Depression, when unemployment which stood at more than 17 percent in 1939, dropped to an all time low of 1.2 percent by 1944. In this case, the economy was bolstered by internalism and lack of workers, most of which had gone off to fight the war. Generating a "wartime like" economy will require several stated objectives and corresponding plans of execution. A modification of the task force model of waging war, where war is waged on a specific idea or issue, will be at the center of each objective. Like the current War on Terrorism undertaken by the U.S., if we wage war on; drugs, homelessness, unemployment, and increasing education access, with the same urgency, it cannot be denied that our country's social and economic status would be improved.As an Emergency Medical Technician and Law Enforcement Officer, I have witnessed first hand the effects of drugs on the American people. I have seen 17 year old girls drugged unknowingly while out in clubs, raped, beaten, or left with permanent mental disability. I have witness 15 year old kids, high on marijuana and crack, think it is fun steal a car and run over a sidewalk killing and maiming innocent people. I have observed well respected businessmen and workers lose everything because of their drug habits. The current state of affairs in the ongoing war on drugs is, "We are losing. There is no question about it." Something needs to be done, or this plague will continue to eat away at our county. Addressing the moral fiber of what it means to be an American in this great country, "where all men are created equal," is what I propose we do. Of course, I speculate that if one asked, most CEOs of major U.S. corporations, whether he or she considered himself or herself to be equal to a homeless wino foraging through a dumpster in New York City for food," one...

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