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According To Definition, Cloning Is Simply One Organism Created From

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According to definition, cloning is simply one organism created from another resulting in the two having the same set of genes. If this is the case, then cloning has been around in nature since practically the beginning of time. Plants for example have been known to occasionally self-pollinate, earthworms regenerate the rest of their body when split half, and human twins can share the same DNA technically making them clones depending on how strict the definition is. Since then, cloning has been taking place in labs since the 1800's. Hans Dreisch was the first to clone an animal in his experiment involving sea urchins. In 1902, Hans Spemman cloned two adult salamanders by means of his "fantastical experiment" which he placed the cells from the embryo inside another salamander to be born naturally as a clone. After this there were no major advancements until November of 1951, when a scientist used the same procedure to clone and adult frog for the first time. It was then in 1986 that a breakthrough came. A team of scientists led by Steen Willadsen cloned the first mammal embryo. The group first cloned the cell of a sheep, and then that of a cow. Years later a man name Ian Willmut was assigned to the same project. After 276 failed attempts, Willmut finally cloned the controversial Dolly the sheep, and amazed the world. This was the last major event to take place in the cloning world. Since the creation of Dolly, there has been the cloning of mice herds, but nothing much since then. The only thing that scientists feel they have left to accomplish is to clone a human being. Since Dolly however, laws banning government funding for the research and development of human cloning have been passed. The issue of cloning a person has been a heated debate all over the world since it first became feasible. It has basically been a question based upon people's morals. Many people think that to play God is no place for man to go, and that there is no benefit great enough by cloning humans that would be worth doing something so unethical.The issue of human cloning is the one that sparks an abundance of argument. A total ban on human cloning has been suggested and been approved by congress. There are many advantages to a total ban on human cloning. The ban eliminates a possibility of jeopardizing human individuality and a loss of genetic variation. With cloning legal, there is a possibility of a "black market" that would illegally distribute cloned body parts. There is a low fertility rate in the previous cloned animals, thus suggesting that technology is not advanced enough for cloning humans. If cloning occurred, there is a possibility that clones would be treated as second-class citizens. The issue of ethics and morality is a major factor in deciding to ban human cloning.The possibility of jeopardizing human individuality is present if there were human clones. A scientifically engineered clone would not carry his own traits; he would rather be an exact duplicate...

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