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In Another Country Of Hemingway Essay

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The word "war" is always horrible to man especially with who has been exposed to. It is destruction, death, and horrible suffers that has been with all man's life. In the short story "In Another Country", Ernest Hemingway shows us the physical and emotional tolls of the war as well as its long-term consequences on man's life. He also portrays the damaging effects that the war has on the lives of the Italians and even of the Americans.

What has been existed in life after the war? Nobody knows "how it was going to be afterward." Man's life will be totally changed. They will be unable to come back with their natural and normal life. They seem lost everything; their families, their hobbies, their lives, and they'll has nothing from the war's ravages. The image of soldiers of Hemingway' story has sustained injuries due to fighting on the battlefield inflects that they will never be the same again. One of the men' knees "cannot bend" and his leg "dropped straight from the knee to the ankle without a calf" and another with his hand like a little baby's. The devastating injuries due to the war changed these soldiers' lives forever. Before the war, they had a normal life; the boy with the injured leg loved playing football, other was the greatest fencer in Italy. From now on, their hobbies are really gone forever although all efforts to help them rejuvenate to do. And the boy who lost his nose will never be looked as a normal person again. The war is so horrible with its devastation not only on the physical but also the motional.

The war destroyed and put an end man's life. It destroyed people in physical and even the emotional. These soldiers with major injuries will hold them all back from what they love to do most and what they wish for. Just a small and simple wish would be denied due to the consequences of the war; a wish for getting married of the young soldier was considered as a fool. Said by the major "A man must not marry", "He cannot marry, he cannot marry", "If he is to lose everything, he should not place himself in a position to lose that." The simplest thing becomes so difficult to the soldiers in post-war. It is very hard for them to come back with their normal lives as everything has been changed because of the war. Tolls of the war and its consequences that have on every aspect of life of man are really giant. Being unbelievable in the rejuvenated machine of...

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