Should You Date Out Of Your League?

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Competition is everywhere in America, in education, jobs, and even families; but what about dating? Dating is one of the most competitive “games” in most cultures. Dr. Tomas Cvreck spoke about competition and how it affects everything we have ever known. Something as simple as who makes the first move can determine the outcome of the whole relationship and the future. Homogamy is everything is a relationship; how old the person is, the education level, the religion, and how much money is being made. This is why dating out of your league is a bad thing in most cases. People that have a lot in common tend to find their way to a compatible person. This is why Dr. Cvreck stressed that dating out of one’s league is a risky move; and is more competitive. Although everyone is not competitive, everyone wants to have a happy marriage, but competitiveness is part of human nature and varies between men and women.
The feeling of competitiveness natural, but the level or intensity of it depends on the upbringing of the man or women. If the parents are more competitive then the children will inherit that trait for everything that comes their way. Regardless, everyone is in competition with each other because they are all part of the same dating game and who will end up with whom? Men are naturally more competitive than women and tend to go for the more appealing women. On the other hand, women do look at appearance; they are more focused on the attributes of the person. Men want to show their spouse or girlfriend off to make other guys jealous of what he “scored” when women want to brag about the nice things her spouse or boyfriend said or did for her. They are in the same competition, but it is viewed differently.
In this game of competition in dating, it truly relies on the sex of the person. A popular question is, “Is there a first move advantage?”...

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