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Tom is, as I’m sure every reader should be, heartbroken at Casy’s death. Casy was his only real friend since he left prison, the first person he truly connected with. Tom was so connected to Casy that after the policeman bashed in his head with a pick handle, he went and did the same to his murderer out of hatred, without truly thinking about it. This also reflects just how far Tom is willing to go for his friends and family. Tom begins his journey with Casy as somewhat of a disciple, and in Chapter 28, he tells Ma some of Casy’s final thoughts, about how one man’s soul is just one part of a greater soul, encompassing the whole world. Tom plans on spreading Casy’s preachings to every person ...view middle of the document...

No, he has hardened on the outside just enough, while maintaining his soft and caring interior that clashes with his brash emotions. Tom is certainly not the best leader out there, but he seems to be all that the family has to rely on at this point unless Pa steps up, and to be honest, I don’t think he will. Pa is a tired old man, and he seems perfectly content remaining on the sidelines.
I am not sure what is going to happen to the family at this point. Will they start to drift apart and lose sight of their dreams, or will they press on in the face of failure? Will Rose of Sharon’s baby make it, or will they have to bury a third family member? I do not hold high hopes for the baby, and I anticipate that it will affect the Joads negatively. If they are faced with another death, I do not know how much longer they can keep going. It is hard to lose those you care about one by one, nevertheless the thought of a child who has so much promise. If it lives, it could grow up as part of a new generation, the generation that has survived the Dust Bowl and the sudden onslaught of...

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