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In Class Dbq Essay

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The Civil Rights Movement attempted to correct the failures of Reconstruction, but it was not executed well. The movement was counteracted by the many conflicts it faced due to the opposition of what it was fighting for.
One attempt made to correct this failure was the permanent desegregation of all public schools across the country. In the celebration of the Brown v. Board of Education all public schools were integrated with both races. Before this integration there were all white and all black schools. This was in favor of the idea of “separate but equal”. But, it was proven by the “woeful and systematic under funding of the black schools” things were separate but rarely equal. ...view middle of the document...

(Source 15)
But not all whites were in favor of those striving to assist blacks in living equal and comfortable lives.
For example one set of laws passed were the Black Codes or the Laws of Jim Crow. After the war white Southerners moved rather quickly to eliminate the new found freedom of blacks. They took action rather quickly by setting up these laws. They appeared to be fair to all races but were actually designed to repress blacks. Some of the laws passed stated that: any person of color who came into a Southern state had to be owned by two freeholders within 20 days of his arrival, servants cannot leave the premises in which they work without the permission of their master, and no person of color could have the profession of an artisan, mechanic, or a shopkeeper, unless he were to obtain a licence for at least one-hundred dollars. (Source 5) The “Separate Car Act” was also put into place. It segregated railway cars based on race. (Source 6) Some other examples of white...

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