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In Defense Of The Study Of Cryonics

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Ferraris, Corvettes, large estates, gold dusted ice creams, or even hundred dollar socks all have something in common: they are all luxurious desires. However is cryonics, the process of preserving one's body for the hopes of future medical treatments to save, a mere luxury? Can no one find a real need to utilize cryonics? Does cryonics have any intrinsic value to society as a whole? Many believe that cryonics is just an “indulgence [for] rich people” (Alcor). Cryonics, in fact, can do much more than fulfill one's self interest.
Cryonics is the process in which anti-freeze like liquid is circulated through the body and then frozen in order to preserve a human body at low temperatures for an indefinite amount of time. The frozen body can then be brought back and worked on if medicine advances to the point of reviving a dead body. Cryonics, including the money and research gained through it, can help beyond the individual and all the way to the advancement of the field of medicine.
The problem with cryonics, however, is not cryonics itself but the lack of knowledge of the benefits of it. Due to this lack of knowledge, many people develop negative views on cryonics which include the assumption that cryonics is primarily self-indulgent, as stated above. These negative views, which have been around since the very beginning, allow for the dismissal of cryonics as a luxury that can be defined simply as “the preservation of dead bodies” and, as a result, many are turned off by it and its principles (Alcor).
If this problem persists, not only does the field of cryonics suffer, the medical field does to. By utilizing techniques found in cryonics, certain aspects of the medical field can advance at the same rate as cryonics.
The solution to the lack of knowledge revolving around cryonics is the increase of knowledge in cryonics. By educating the naysayers, general public, and clinically ill on the true benefits of cryonics and making the process more available to them, the field of cryonics will continue to grow and, as a result, will revolutionize the field of medicine. This information can be distributed by institutions specializing in the process of cryonics such as Alcor and Cryonics Institute. Information can also be disbursed through hospital brochures aimed at those with life threatening, incurable problems. By providing the targeted audience with information about the benefits of cryonics, knowledge of how cryonics helps society will be gained, common myths and disbelieves will be diminished, and support for cryonics will arise, which will help with erasing the negativity revolving around cryonics as well as with advancement in the field.
Although some may argue that teaching cryonics to clinically ill patients is just giving them a false solution to a current problem, teaching about cryonics helps give the possibility of a second chance to a patient. A patient with a life threatening, unsolvable problem will, eventually, die. This is...

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