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In Depth Guide To Content Curation Essay

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Getting creative is going to be the name of the game for content writers and marketers this year. Google has certainly shaken things up when it comes to links and keywords, but the need for quality content is always going to remain at the forefront of Google’s advice. Content curation is another way to provide this quality content to your readers, and it just so happens to be easier, quicker, and offer more information than your traditional article. Why wouldn’t you want to get involved with this type of new technique? Exactly.

Technically speaking, content curation is actually not a new technique—websites have been using this strategy for years. There are, however, quite a few businesses out there that either have A). Misconceptions about what content curation is and therefore purposely avoid it, or B). Have never heard of it. In either case, here is the definitive guide to set the record straight and get you inspired.

What Is Content Curation and How Does It Work?

Content curation is all about composing a list full of links to other, related content found around the web. Someone in your marketing department will typically read other blogs or websites in your industry and then copy that link to put into a list, which will then be published on the blog. Then, the website will write their own little blurb about that link’s content. In some cases, a website will write a few paragraphs of original content and then include a list of only links. The structure is completely up to you.

An excellent example of content curation is the SearchCap that you will see on Search Engine Land (see example here). Someone always goes around the web and finds other content that might be useful to readers and then publishes that link on his/her SearchCap page. When it’s all put together, you have a whole new piece of content. Again, it’s entirely up to you how you want to structure your piece.

The Benefits and SEO Effects of Content Curation for Your Website

Below are some of the reasons content curation can help benefit your website and your readers:

You improve your relationship with other sites. Whenever you’re linking to another piece of content that website is benefitting because they are getting increased visibility and SEO benefits. They will likely be excited and this is an excellent opportunity to establish more of a relationship for the future (guest posting, sharing, etc.).
You increase the amount of quality content on your site. Curating content is considered a very quality piece of content if done correctly, and it’s easy to put together. You can therefore push content out faster than you may have been in the past (but don’t go too overboard). Another way to put it: If you ever had those days where you just couldn’t think of something unique, create a post where you’ve curated content.
You open up sharing opportunities. As discussed above, whenever you quote or link back to another company’s content that company will likely want to share. After...

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