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In Designing Motivational Jobs What Factors Will You Consider?

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IN DESIGNING MOTIVATIONAL JOBS WHAT FACTORS WILL YOU CONSIDER?An employee's overall satisfaction with his job is the result of a combination of factors. Some focus on financial compensation but that is only one of the factors. Management's role in enhancing employees' job satisfaction is to make sure the work environment is positive, morale is high and employees have the resources they need to accomplish the tasks they have been assigned.Motivation comes from the word "movere" which means "to move". Motivation can be defined as the will to do, the urge to achieve goals, and the drive to excel. It is concerned with why people choose to pursue an outcome with a degree of vigour and persistence.In designing motivational jobs we want to consider the application of Abraham Maslow's needs hierarchy theory. Abraham Maslow's theory has organizational factors which best addresses job motivation in workers to strive for success.The first motivational factor to speak of under Abraham Maslow's theory is the Physiological Need. These needs include pay, pleasant working conditions and cafeteria. Wages and salaries are basic needs of every employee. The pay of an employee is of much concern since it can afford basic life necessities such as food, water, clothing, comfort and shelter. Many people work to provide housing, food, clothing and entertainment for themselves and their families. Works allows people to live. Some workers will dedicate greater time and effort for the opportunity to increase their pay through raises, bonuses or promotions. Others may be happy to accept a less competitive pay package in exchange for doing work that they enjoy.To retain and motivate employees, pay scales and schemes needs to be fair. Built into a wage are company benefits, such as retirement and health insurance. Negotiate rates are as a result of a collective bargaining agreement, but their job satisfaction still relies on being paid a fair wage. A competitive pay package can establish employee job satisfaction and provide motivation.The second job motivational factor under Abraham Maslow's theory is Safety Needs. Most employees are also concern with safe working conditions, company benefits and job security.One of the motivations for workers is the knowledge that they have job security. For example, workers who perform jobs such as assembly line work or construction traffic control sometimes are replaced by computers, robots or machines. Work motivation comes in the form of a long-term collective bargaining agreement or a company policy that allows workers to be reassigned to new projects rather than terminated should their positions be eliminated. In that case employees will be highly motivated to work or join a new company since they are much assured of their job security.Also, when management encourages a positive working environment among employees, this can help to raise job motivation and satisfaction for employees who perform dangerous jobs, such as commercial...


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