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In What Ways And To What Extent Is An Understanding Of Historical Context Important In Approaching The Works Of David Rousseau And Jaques Louis David?

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In what ways and to what extent isan understanding of historical contextimportant in approaching the works of(a)Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and(b)Jacques-Louis David.In this essay I will attempt to illustrate how an ahistorical approach to the works of David and Rousseau is possible. I will discuss how a historical approach adds to this and as such assess its importance in fully appreciating their work.We can approach David's paintings with a purely formal analysis, based on the techniques he uses to create them. He painted in the Neo-classical style, therefore adopting the style, subjects and traditional techniques of Ancient Roman painters. "The Lictors Returning to Brutus the Bodies of his Sons" (Illustration Book, Colour Plate 41) for example, depicts an event from Roman history. In this painting he uses the Classical technique of objects and using perspective lines to create the illusion of depth. He also uses lighting and vanishing point to highlight the three female figures. Furthermore the painting adheres to the Classical traditions of being balanced, in so much as: the figures and objects are carefully positioned in a balanced way; certain shape formations reoccur throughout; the warm tonal colours of the three female figures clothing are echoed in other areas.We can also compare David's style with other painting styles, such as Romanticism. Romanticism was a conflicting style adopted in the same period, by painters such as Casper David Friedrich. Whilst the Neo-classical style strictly adhered to the traditional conventions of painting, Romantics like Friedrich aimed to defy them. Furthermore, through the depiction of vast and wondrouslandscapes, such as Friedrichs "Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog" (Illustration Book, Colour Plate 60), Romantic artists aimed to evoke a variety of emotions. In comparison David painted weighty and important subjects which made intellectually challenging observations about society. To this extent we can see how an understanding of historical context may be important in approaching David's work.If we are to assess how important an understanding of historical context is in approaching David's work, we need to consider some historical questions: What events were taking place during his career? What were his preoccupations during this period? How was his work received?The exhibition in 1789 of David's "Brutus" painting coincided with the release of "The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen". This timing lead many people to see parallels between the growing pro-Republican sentiments in France, and the Roman's Republican form of government that was in place during Brutus' lifetime. David was a hero and from this point on became intrinsically linked with the Revolution; even being elected as a deputy to the National Convention in 1792, alongside leading Revolutionary leaders. His paintings at the time became strongly pro-Revolutionary in sentiment. Historical context therefore illustrates how David's...

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