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Yet another brawl between the Capulet's and the Montague's in which has brought the death of 3 young adults. Are we going to put up with this conflict? The Montague's and the Capulet's must use this incident to understand that the fuelled hate between the families is bringing them only devastation.

Both the Nurse and the Friar have been arrested for the deaths of the adolescents. They are being held responsible and will remain in custody until they go to trial which is said to be in 3 weeks. The families are extremely disappointed, and distraught with what the Nurse and the friar have done. "Sometimes the truth hurts but at the end it may have been worth it" The nurse and the friar should've thought of all the possibilities before keeping this affair a secret.

The ramifications of there acts have caused these deaths and it is said that this is entirely their fault. I re-rectify such contention without a doubt as they brought it upon themselves, which was evident towards the end when such abrupt things occurred.


Q: Could it be possible that the two rivalry families will take this incident as a way of breaking the hate between them and return to a civil state of such a issue?

A: What the families do is entirely up to them, I'm sure that the Judge will make it clear that in order to stop this havoc these families must make a truce.

Q: Is it safe to go outside? Or are they still...


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