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In Favor Of Immigration Essay

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Immigration is a movement of people to some another country cause of uncertain reasons like Disaster,unfriendly environment,economic or political reasons,war,etc. In this people come out of their comfort zone as in their own country and hunt for a new place to get settled and continues with their daily routine.Immigration is not always for betterments or for developments, sometimes it’s just cause of emergency and to be saved from huge loss. But overall the main motive is for better livelihood. Marriage is also one of the common reasons that lead to immigrations.
There are both positive and negative points of views for Immigration;hence I support the positive/in favor of Immigration.It is good for the country itself where people immigrates cause it brings new ideas,news traditional knowledge,new life style from the fellow country. The common public of the country should be proud that people from different county immigrates and try to adapt their lifestyles.We should always welcome the fellow country people because gods knows what are the reason behind their taking such big step and leaving their own country.Many times governmentsare the reason for the people head towards immigrations.Personally in immigration the person goes through many emotional issues which is either happiness or complications.
Few highlighted reasons for Immigration are explained below:
Wage Rates: - For better employment people immigrates to other country mostly for a better employment and increase in their salary.Many times it is noticed that we get paid double for the same work in some other country so we believe in shifting to that country for better livelihood.
When it’s about development or growth in the salary, it becomes mandatory to step ahead and get migrated to other country. It’s obvious that people from under-developed counties wants to shift themselves and even their family members to develop or developing country at least. People get gob offers from the country located in the fellow country, and then also it become must for the person to immigrate. Difference in the value of currency also plays a huge role in the difference in salary paid to a person for same job. Many times a person immigrates to some another country because in the work they as best is not respected or valued in their own country but have a sound future in the fellow country.
Marriage/Relationship/Personal wish: - People even head toward immigration cause of their want to be with their family member or their life partners. Many times it happens that people are bound to immigrate cause of their arrange marriages because the better half is a green card holder or has the citizenship of some different country. Not only this, sometimes people get into relationship with the person stays out of their country so either of them needs to immigrate. Such immigrations are considered to be normal legal immigration. Manytimes people immigrate to a new country just for a form of transferred patriotism....

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