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In Happened To Me: Adopted The Ultimate Teen Guide By Suzanne Buckingham Slade

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What is adoption? In this case Adoption is the process of making a child your own. Adoption is usually a process from non-biological parents. The practice of adoption began over 4,000 years ago. Historians have found evidence of adoptions dating back to 2285BC. Research has shown that adopted children live better lives than children who live in institutions, foster care, or in homes with parents who abuse, neglect, or are ambivalent about parenting them. For many years adoption has been viewed as a perfect arrangement for all involved. What has not been taken into account are the emotional effects adoption has on all members involved these effects, or issues, can be managed as long as they ...view middle of the document...

However, its getting to the stage now where for some reason things never have worked out for me. I really find myself crippled by the worry that the girl will lose interest. Since I’ve been researching online bout people's experiences of being adopted, I cant shake the feeling that there is something within me that destroys potential relationships.
All children struggle with finding their independence and forming their own identity. theses issues can be especially challenging for adopted and foster children who may have unanswered questions about their birth parents. Many factors influence the decision to adopt a child, and adoptive parents may not be comfortable discussing these issues with their children until they feel they are old enough to understand. It is important for adopted children to ask their adoptive parents questions, and equal important to be patient while waiting for the answers. Fitting in with friends is important to every teenager, and adoption may make a teen feel different at this crucial stage of life. Adopted children should remember that they were chosen by their adoptive parents, and will always have their support as they face the challenges of growing up.
All adopted children question their identity and wonder who they are and where they came from. These children will have to ask a lot of questions and be willing to share their feelings with family and friends to find out about their lives before the adoption. About eight percent of adoptions are transracial (where children are of a different race or ethnic background than their adoptive parents.) Experts have found that sibling’s relationships form as children grow up and share similar experiences and events. The fun times you spend with your family doing fun things for the family are the things that over time form special relationships you have with your siblings. In some cases adopted children do get treated differently then biological parents treat their kids. Biological parents treat their adopted kids differently in their spending time, the way they discipline them they amount of time they spend with them and so on.
A question that haunts most adopted children is, “why my birth mother did not keep me?” Some mother’s get pregnant at a very early age and think they can keep and afford and care for there child, but when the baby is actually born they realize they can’t afford or care for the child so they put there child up for adoption. Another reason why mother’s put there child up for adoption is, they may feel that that can’t give the child more emotional things such as attention, and be able to care for he or she the way they want so they would use adoption as a solution. They feel it would be better...

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