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In Home Tanning Systems Essay

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Thanks to modern technology, sunless tanners can now skip the studio and tan in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. If you’re thinking of investing in a residential tanning system, you may have wondered how many lamps you need to get a salon-quality tan at home.

Most tanning beds designed for home use are equipped with 12, 16, 24 or 26 lamps, evenly divided between the canopy and bench.

In general, increasing the number of lamps shortens session times. A bed with fewer lamps will still deliver the same great results, but in a longer period of time. The only possible problem that can occur in a bed too few lamps is striping. This shouldn’t be an issue as long as the lamps are fitted with reflectors to guarantee an even distribution of UV.

A few things to consider before choosing a home tanning system:

Goals and Time Investment
In order to find the right at-home tanning solution for you, you’ll need to ask yourself a few questions. Are you hoping to keep your tan looking great with touch-up sessions between studio visits, build a base, or do all of your tanning at home? How much time do you have available to tan?

Comfort and Convenience
Many people find larger beds with wider benches to be more comfortable, while petite individuals are often fine in narrower beds. Portable canopies make it possible to tan while relaxing on a bed or couch.

Space Requirements
In larger houses or home gyms, finding space for your tanning system probably won’t be an issue. In an apartment or small house, you may choose to purchase a smaller bed or a portable canopy that can be stored upright in a closet until ready for use.

Tanning History/Skin Type
If you decide to tan at home, you’ll be solely responsible for your tanning sessions. If you are new to indoor tanning or very fair skinned, you may want to limit your session times or consider a less powerful bed with fewer lamps. Always follow the recommended tanning guidelines for your skin type.


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