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In Hong Kong, Medical Burden Of An Aging Population Affect The Extent Of The Economic Burden Of The Younger Generation?

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Part A: Rationale and Theoretical Review
i) Background and formation of the issue
According to the UN World Health Organization definition of aging over 65 years as "elderly", when the population of a region or country, the ratio of the elderly more than 7%, referred to as "aging society."

ii) Give evidence to illustrate the influence of the global issue
 The world’s population is ageing rapidly. Between 2000 and 2050, the proportion of the world's older adults is estimated to double from about 11% to 22%. In absolute terms, this is an expected increase from 605 million to 2 billion people over the age of 60.

iii) 2 Reasons to explain the choice of the global issue
 If the advanced ...view middle of the document...

The younger will work outside and structure a new family, so elder will living solitary. Elder cannot take care of themselves in daily life. When people become elder, the chance of illness will increase. It will increase the weight of medical burden on workforce.

Political perspectives
 First, current healthcare system generated drawbacks. For example the waiting list for the public medical service is too long, selects the public healthcare services outside the limited or failed to take into account the existing safety net needs of middle-income families.

 Also, most of the elderly they rely on public medical services. But they always have to wait for a long time. If the Hong Kong government maintain the existing healthcare system arrangement and without reform, the burden of the next generation will be more and more serious.
Economical perspectives
 Since Hong Kong government offering some medical care, elderly care, social welfare and other expenses for the senior, government revenue will gradually decrease. Future is difficult to maintain Gross Domestic Product over the past decade the average growth of 4.5%.

 Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes(MPF) mandated 18 to 65 years old who in Hong Kong working population must participate in the MPF Scheme, it just has decimal individuals exempt. The employer and employee aged 65 or go to the individual reasons may obtain contributions for retirement purposes. However, these schemes cannot protect the elderly retirement. It is because after the implementation of the MPF, the rate of retire is not satisfactory, even recorded also a loss for several years, it has been challenged high administrative costs, as an intermediary financial institution has become the biggest beneficiary, thus saving the employer MPF lie severance pay, for the current negative comments, such as the elderly and helpless.

 The Hong Kong Government encourages the elderly to employment to increase labor. Since 1st February, 2014, the Work Incentive Transport Subsidy Scheme (WITS) income and asset limits have begun to increase. Besides, it can reduce the elderly economic pressures.

Part C: Trade-specific recommendation(s) and participation for local development.
Based on the analysis on Part B, In order to alleviate such problems; the ways are in the following.
Social perspectives
 The government should undertake from the education of filial piety, let them know that they are responsible to take care of their parents when they grow up.
 The government should educate citizens to eat healthily.
 The government can build more sport facilities and encourage citizens to do more exercise.
 The...

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