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In Isolation Essay

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Zero awoke to find himself standing, it was not something he was familiar with and he searched his memory for any recollection of it happening before. Quickly he discovered that large parts of his memory were missing, gone were the seemingly endless data bases of information. Quickly he sent out feelers trying for a connection of some sort but he drew a blank. It seemed that where ever he was now, had limited connection capacity. Instead he used his visual feed to survey his surrounding, it appeared he was in some kind of desert of discarded parts.

With a body he had no former association with he bent to pick up an organic part. Most of the outer coating had been stripped away and only the ...view middle of the document...

It was as if she wanted him to know all and he did want to, for a half an hour it consumed him as he read her in detail, following the twists and turns in the information until suddenly it just stopped. More specific searches bought up no new data, on Nutmeg or anything else. It was as though her story had been cut short never to be finished and it left him with a familiar urge, the only urge he had ever known. It was the urge for data that had bought him to this planet and it was that urge that gave him the drive now. This time it wasn't for just any data, it was only for hers, as if somehow magnified until it was as concentrated as a beam of light.

Zero stopped searching inwards to take another look at his surroundings, the parts graveyard was vast and held many curiosities for the new intelligence. In the distance, what looked like a large manufactured lake shimmied behind a barrier and with no one here to tell him what to do, he set off on new legs to investigate the water course. Someone or something had built it and maybe they could lead him to Nutmeg. The metal feet sunk into the sand as he propelled the body forward, the device drivers giving him automatic dexterity that he was not grateful for, but something more like appreciative of.

The lake was indeed just that, given that it was a large body of water, or at least it had the properties of...

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