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In John Steinbeck`s, 'of Mice And Men', It Can Be Argued That, While Lennie Causes Problems For George, He Is Better Off With Him

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In John Steinbeck`s, 'Of Mice And Men', it can be argued that, While Lennie causes problems for George, he is better off with him. Because Lennie Helps George get a job and lose it as quickly as they got it. If George didn't have Lennie he would be lonely and he also would of have a family and his own place to live. Because Lennie is big, he and George get a job quickly and because Lennie is mentally disabled, they also lose their job as fast as they got their job. George's fear of losing their job ...view middle of the document...

If Lennie wasn't there George will be lonely. The part below demonstrates George's fear of being lonely. "(Lennie) If you don' want me I can go off in the hills an' find a cave. I can go away anytime." "(George) No-look! I was jus' foolin', Lennie. Cause I want you to stay with me." (Pg. 14) This quote demonstrates Lennie telling that he could go off to the hills and live in a cave. But George fears of being lonely and tells Lennie to stay with. But if George didn't have Lennie next to him George could of have a family and his own farm and house to live in. If George was to travel by himself he could of have a family and his own house or farm. The quote below demonstrates this argument above "...if I was bright, if I was even a little bit smart, I'd have my own little place, an I'd be bringin'in my own crops,' stead of doin' all the work and not getting what comes up outta the ground..." here George says if didn't have Lennie he would have had his own farm and work for himself,. In overall George is better off with Lennie. Because If Lennie wasn't there with George, he could have had a better life then he has now.

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